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Welcome to

The Rose Garden

Residential care facility for the elderly & disabled

Who we are


The Rose Garden is a brand new, higher end residential care facility for the elderly and disabled (Board & Care home) located in north San Jose. We offer a family style intimate setting in a gorgeous, newly renovated home catered to six elderly/disabled residents.

We provide:

-Dementia/Memory care

-Hospice care

-Total/Nonambulatory care

-Alzheimer's/Parkinson's care

-Strokes/Paralysis care

-Behavioral difficulties 

-High care needs

-G-tube care (MUST be on hospice throughout entire time at board and care)

-Colostomy/Ileostomy bag care

-Respite care if there is a bed available

Here at The Rose Garden, our mission is to help older and/or adults live and enjoy the rest of their lives in the most beautiful environment with all their wants and needs taken care of. We are committed to working with the elderly, the family, and the healthcare team to deliver the best care and supervision of your loved one! 


RCFE License #435202869


Phone number: (669) 338-8008

Our location:

2993 Knights Bridge Rd

San Jose, CA 95132

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