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Meet Wolfie-Woof! 


Wolfie is a happy purebred Samoyed puppy who was born on August 18, 2022. He is currently attending a 2-year elderly therapy dog program at the American Canine Institute. 


Wolfie comes to visit our residents every day and brings much joy and happiness to all. Some benefits of therapy dogs include:


  • Bringing joy and happiness into residents’ daily lives

  • Taking someone’s mind off of pain and problems

  • Lowering stress levels and blood pressure

  • Rekindling warm memories of their pets

  • Therapeutic touch and affiliation

  • Heightening self-confidence, esteem and a sense of achievement

  • Helping meet new friends

  • Boosting overall morale

  • Stimulating exercise and activity

  • Encouraging communication 

  • Helping people cope with stress, illness and depression

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